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Analyzing NFL Stats is Key to Getting your Sports Pick Right

NFL stats are the lifeblood of any sports bettor worth their salt who is wagering on pro football games. Simply put, gambling on football is as much a science as it is an art and stats make up a big part of that science. To the average fan, football statistics, like quarterback rating, yards after catch, turnovers allowed, etc. might only paint a picture of which team or player is having a good or bad season. To the pro handicapper however, these stats determine how they set the spread, over under or money line and at Oddsfather we’re no different.

The game of football is full of statistics, and at Oddsfather we put these stats together to come up with winning sports selections. Obviously, if two teams with prolific offenses, but lackluster defenses, face each other, then it’s a fair bet that the over under amount will be fairly high. However, determining exactly how high to place the over/under is where the importance of analyzing NFL stats comes in. Perhaps a team relies on their running game over their passing game, and will be happy to simply move the ball downfield, without running up the score. Maybe another team’s defense is ranked low, but its pass defense is top class. Such things are more than vital when it comes to selecting winners and at Oddsfather we devour every important stat available.