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NFL Scores

Football trying to score against each otherThe National Football League is the most popular sport in America. Of course, it’s not just the fans, or even those in a fantasy league who are interested in the latest NFL scores; any serious sports bettor, the Oddsfather included, is also hooked on the most up to date football scores. Indeed, for the football gambler, the final score will determine whether or not they’ve won money. For a football bettor, simply knowing that one football team beat another is no consolation, if that football team didn’t also beat the spread.

We report on the latest NFL scores both as fans of the game and as professional sports handicappers. We thoroughly analyze final scores, which helps us in determining what the eventual score of the next week’s games will be. If a certain offense is on a roll for instance, and racking up points week after week, it stands to reason that the over under for their next game will be a rather high figure. If, on the other hand, a team has a turnover prone offense with an inept quarterback who’s incapable of reaching the endzone, then that team will see a lower over under when it plays next. The Oddsfather is capable of finding NFL trends in score results and using that information to come up with sports picks that defeat the competition.