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Get the Most In-Depth, Relevant and Comprehensive NFL Odds in Vegas

Football is the most popular sport in the country and unsurprisingly NFL odds are big business for sports bettors. While every bookmaker or handicapper might claim to offer the best odds and picks, at the Oddsfather we don’t make mere promises – we deliver. The unpredictable nature of the game and football scores in general means that properly scrutinizing betting lines isn’t easy, but we’re more than up to the challenge.

As experienced football bettors know, the most popular NFL odds and statistics include the point spread, the over under and the classic money line bet. The point spread is probably the one that people are most familiar with and indeed it does present some of the best returns, especially over the long run. Basically, a point spread involves giving a handicap to the favored team. For instance, say the 0-16 Detroit Lions were facing off against the New England Patriots and the spread was Detroit at +14.5 and New England -14.5. What this means is that Detroit is a 14.5 point underdog and that they could lose the game by 14 points, and still win the bet by covering the spread, but if they were to lose the game by 15 points, the bet would not pay off. New England, by contrast would have to win by 15 points to deliver a winning bet. In other words, you can add 14.5 points to the final score for the underdog, or subtract 14.5 points from favored team, and then the resulting point score would determine which teams beats the point spread.

Football point spreads are a great way to keep gambling interesting, even when teams are mismatched on paper, but not all NFL odds or stats are created equal. Among oddsmakers, lines and odds are frequently different, with some bookmakers giving a bigger edge to one team than the other. At Oddsfather, however, we always deliver the best statistics to go along with the point spreads, which give you, the sports bettor, the best winning chance. See Jeff Allen’s brief explanation in the above video on how experienced handicappers pick winners. Moreover, we’ll send you the best picks for the times when Vegas gets it wrong with their point spread and gargantuan ATS opportunities are present. Stick with the Oddsfather for your NFL scores and odds information and you’ll never go wrong, guaranteed!