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NFL Match Up and Inside Betting Odds & Tips

If you want to bet money on football (and win!), then you need to understand NFL match ups. How two football teams stack up against each other is the basis for all odds, spreads, lines and of course winning picks. Thankfully for us and our clients, at the Oddsfather we do our due diligence when it comes to picking winners and thoroughly analyzing the ins and outs of every single NFL match-up.

Some bookies only take a fairly quick and superficial look at how two opposing teams look against each other, but not the Oddsfather. Our pro sports bettors turn over every single stone when we devise our point spreads or over unders. Breaking down a game or match up takes place in various stages.

Firstly, we look at the football injury report. If a star player is out, or even just an ordinary player, then this will of course influence the eventual odds. Sometimes a player might be active, but they’ll be nursing an injury or just coming back from one, both of which we take into consideration. For instance, when coming up with the best over/under line, it’s very important to see how the secondary, as well as naturally the quarterback or other offensive weapons are health-wise. If key safeties and cornerbacks are injured, then we could see a lot of passing and thus likely a lot of scoring.

Secondly, we look at the teams themselves and how they’ve played recently or will likely play in the future. Some teams are predisposed to having a strong offense and weak defense, while others rely on their running game more than their passing game. How a football team plays while ahead, how they play in weather, how they play on opening day, all these things matter and are critical in coming up with excellent odds for NFL match ups.

Lastly, the actual NFL match up itself is of course extremely important. Sometimes a team just has another team’s number and this should definitely be factored in when choosing a winner. The Buffalo Bills, for example, have a 4-23 record against the Patriots since Bill Belichick has been the head coach. Such a lopsided record needs to be factored in to any content that those two teams meet in.

The points above are not by any means an exhaustive list of what we look at when coming up with our winning match-up odds. They do, however, illustrate the lengths to which Oddsfather goes when determining winners; we go the extra mile and that’s why you can trust our winning selections.