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NFL Lines and Expert Odds

If you’re looking for the best NFL lines in the business, then you’ve come to the right place! At Oddsfather we live and breathe the best betting lines in Vegas; whether you’re talking about the point spread, over under totals or the latest money lines, we have you covered with our unbeatable expertise. You might think that all lines in Las Vegas are the same, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bookmakers often have disagreements on the point spread, for example, with some posting odds that are less than favorable to the bettor. At the Oddsfather, we provide you with the widest array of the best odds possible, giving you the highest chance of victory. Not just that, we also advise on when Vegas has it wrong, and excellent opportunities for NFL against the spread betting exist.

Over/Under Explained

For those not familiar with NFL lines, the three most common are your point spread, money line and over under (known as betting against the total). The over/under is somewhat self-explanatory and common across all sports. Essentially, the best is placed to win based on the combined final score of both teams. Let’s say the high scoring Broncos are playing the Saints and the over under is 46(-110), with the number in brackets representing the 10% of the winnings that the bookmaker or sports book typically takes. If the final score is above 46 (with both teams’ score added together), and the gambler bet on the over, then they would win. The same is true if the final tally was below 46 and the bettor bet on the under. Usually, a final score of 46, where neither the over nor under is true, will result in a push.

The point spread meanwhile, is essentially a handicap placed on the favorite team, which then has to exceed the point spread, or handicap, in order for a winning bet on them to pay off. The difficulty of the favored team beating the spread is one of the reasons why against the spread betting is so popular and lucrative. Finally, a money line is your standard bet, where a wager on the winner also pays off and a bet on the loser always loses. However, the payoffs are adjusted so that if a team is heavily favored, a winning bet on them will not yield as much as what the bettor had to lay (for example a -200 moneyline means a bettor has to lay 200 to win 100). We faithfully report on the newest money lines and also notify you when excellent opportunities exist to bet on the favored or underdog team.

The Oddsfather aggregates odds from some of the most popular sportsbooks in Las Vegas. We’ll then give you insider tips on which book has the hottest odds or NFL lines for certain games. To be sure, you cannot go wrong with the Oddsfather at your side, especially when it comes to betting on football.