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NFL Injuries

NFL injuries are very common in the extremely physical game of football. Despite only playing 16 games in a regular season, compared to 82 games in basketball or a whopping 164 games in baseball, football players still remain among the most frequently injured athletes in major American sports. The issue of concussions in particular has to come to the forefront, with the NFL instituting rules to minimize such injuries and NFL players preparing lawsuits against the league.

But what exactly does the high frequency of injuries in the NFL mean for coming up with the best sports picks? Well, quite a lot actually. Although anyone can read a public injury report, knowing how badly a certain player is injured and whether they’re susceptible to injury, is something that only the experts, or those with insider knowledge, can discover. Fortunately, the Oddsfather team is filled with people who are both expert students of the game and also in the know when it comes to getting important information first.

Too often, sports handicappers based their picks on how two teams perform against each other on paper, without taking into account NFL injuries which have sidelined important players. Even a good team without only a few key players is far more likely to lose or play poorly against a team they would normally win against. While injuries to the quarterback, like RG3’s vicious knee injury, get the most notice – a team that’s missing a key position player will also be very vulnerable. Our handicappers go deeper than most in breaking down the perfect odds, but then again that’s why we’re known as the Oddsfather of sports betting.