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We Know How NBA Trends Influence the Basketball Game Odds

NBA trends and play have evolved a ton since the old days of low scoring games – no shot clock and short shorts. Even today the game continues to change and these changes have ramifications in the way basketball is played, how many points are scored, and of course how professional sports bettors go about making their basketball odds.

One particularly reviled, but nonetheless undeniable trend, is the rise of flopping in the NBA. While fans might scoff at the ridiculousness of it (seen in the video below), the technique is used frequently and it means more trips to the foul line. It also means potentially higher scoring games and less defensive play, which can have a major impact on the final score and odds. Interestingly in college basketball, games have become more physical and lower scoring, with teams averaging the fewest points since all the way back to 1951-52. Such trends, in pro and college basketball alike, are vital for bookies to be familiar with if they want to predict winners.

It’s not just ‘flopping’ which spurs higher scoring basketball games, but official rule changes too. For example, when ‘hand-checking’ was officially banned during the 2005-06 season, perimeter players, who benefited the most from the rule change, achieved some of their best points per game stats ever. Quite simply, it pays to stay abreast of the latest NBA trends and changes in gameplay, especially when they affect the final outcome of the game. Being a student of the game is one of the factors that gives Oddsfather’s handicappers an edge on the rest; an edge we then impart on our clients when we help them score big on guaranteed winners.