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Breaking down the latest NBA stats is critical to picking basketball winners and losers

Do you know which player had the highest free throw percentage in the fourth quarter during the playoffs, or who was the best three point shooter on the road this past season? Probably not, but knowing NBA stats like these and many others are vital to any professional sports bettor. Gambling is all about math and game statistics play a crucial role in these calculations. At the Oddsfather, knowing a star basketball player’s career numbers gives an excellent indication of how they will perform in the future and by extension which team will end up winning the game.

Basketball going inOften times gamblers look primarily at shooting related statistics in basketball and completely miss NBA stats related to defense, such as turnovers, assists and rebounds. Those numbers play an equally important role in the game, if not more so than the offensive oriented statistics. Knowing that certain players have a high propensity for turnovers will be very important when playing a defensively minded opponent that can capitalize on that type of weakness.

Aside from statistics related to scoring, shooting, defense or fouls – another important facet of NBA statistics is knowing when a player performs a certain way. Some NBA players are known for having big first half games, but then shrinking in the later quarters. Coaches too, will play very different strategies depending on the game time. One gambler was able to make a very successful career by accurately predicting that coaches coached differently in the final quarter of the game, compared to the earlier three quarters. In essence, every little bit helps one formulating a likely winner and getting a gambling edge. At the Oddsfather, we live and breathe these stats when making our extra reliable sports picks.