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NBA Scores

If you’re looking for the latest NBA scores and odds, then you’ve come to the right place. At the Oddsfather we showcase all the best basketball lines, point spreads and over unders in Vegas, and update them in real time to reflect any changing developments.

Basketball player aiming to scoreBasketball is a high scoring game where every single point matters, which can sometimes make life difficult for bookmakers, whose job it is to accurately predict the eventual NBA scores, odds and outcome of every professional contest. Reporting the scores is easy, but predicting them, in a reliable fashion, is a skill that demands talent, knowledge and experience in equal parts. Thankfully, those three qualities are available at the Oddsfather in abundance, which is why we’re so well known for predicting winners.

They say a picture says a thousand words, and the same is true of NBA scores when the Oddsfather is dissecting them. To the average fan, a final basketball score simply says which team lost and which team won, but for pro sports bettors it can mean so much more. For instance, if Boston frequently defeats Toronto by significant margins, then that will factor into the eventual point spread of all future contests between those teams. Likewise, if games between New York and Indiana are very close, you can expect a similarly close point spread. In other cases, two teams that normally play strong defense, will induce a lower than average total.

In essence, yesterday’s basketball scores can help to shape the final scores and odds of the future, a tendency which the Oddsfather is fully aware of and exploits to the fullest.