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NBA Match Up Odds for Every Basketball Game Through the Playoffs

The most important type of any sports contest, especially when it comes to betting, is naturally the match up. Discovering how two basketball teams stack up against each other, where they have strengths and weakness, and the habits of their players, is critical to coming up with winning odds. Indeed, though one team might have the better record, they could be poor defensively, or turn the ball over too much, or commit too many fouls. If the other team is well suited to capitalize on such tendencies, then what might look like a lop-sided contest on paper, won’t be one when it comes to the NBA odds and lines.

Certain NBA match ups are easier to dissect than others. The New Orleans Pelicans (formerly Hornets) playing on the road, for instance, will generally result in New Orleans being the underdog. More evenly matched up teams though, like Oklahoma vs San Antonio, are tougher to predict and depend on numerous factors, such as player injuries, scoring trends, who has home court advantage and so on.

Besides simply influencing the point spread, basketball match ups naturally determine what the over under will be. Two high scoring, shoot happy teams will doubtlessly lead to a high over under, while a team that focuses on defense and fundamentals will see lower scoring. In addition to play styles, coaching styles are important too. Some coaches play more conservatively, especially in the second half of the game, which naturally effects the scoring. All in all, if you’re going to trust your odds and lines, you need to rely on a handicapper that goes the extra mile when it comes to analyzing basketball matchups. Fortunately, at the Oddsfather, that’s what we do best.