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NBA Injuries

NBA injuries are an everyday fact of life for all professional players in basketball. Like in any athletic endeavor, and especially one played at the highest level in the NBA, competitive athletes pushing themselves to the max results in injuries along the way. Basketball might lack the pure physicality of a full contact sport like football, but that doesn’t make injuries any less common or devastating. In many ways, basketball players are more susceptible to injuries than other sports, due to the size of its players and the surface that they play on. The wooden court surface, for instance, results in far more ankle sprains and twists than in games played on grass.

Besides ankle sprains, NBA injuries include many more serious afflictions, such as muscle strains, fractures, knee injuries and even concussions from hitting one’s head on the floor. Knee injuries, such as ACL or MCL injuries, are particularly traumatizing to a player’s career. Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose, for example, missed out on the entire 12-13 season on account of an ACL injury, only to injur his other knee the following season – illustrating just how devastating such a condition can be.

While NBA injuries are naturally big news to players, coaches and fans, they are also tremendously important to bookmakerss and pro gamblers. To the bookmaker, knowing which player is injured, or still recovering, is essential in coming up with the correct odds. Sometimes a handicapper will have insider knowledge of a player’s injury, which will give them a competitive advantage when it comes to placing winning bets. Oftentimes even without insider info, knowing a player’s full injury history can help predict how they’ll play in a game and what the likely score will be. At the Oddsfather, we pay special attention to all injuries affecting players and to how their game will be affected. After all, there’s more to coming up with great picks than just reading a roster sheet – if you know which players are 100% and which aren’t, then you’ll make far better selections than the competition.