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Live MLB Odds with the Best Insider Baseball Sports Picks

The MLB odds used when betting on baseball are different than the NBA or NFL, although they share many similarities. Despite lacking a point spread in baseball, for example, there is something called a runline which is actually very similar. Additionally, odds makers offer over under bets for baseball gamblers as well as the money line. Sometimes we even see odds based only on the first half of the game, which can make the outcome a bit more predictable since bullpens usually don’t need to be taken into account.

When it comes to MLB odds, the money line in baseball is probably the most common. Basically, it works like a traditional bet, where a bet on the winner always wins something and a bet on the loser always loses, regardless of the final score. The odds themselves are frequently written like -155/+135, where -155 are the odds for the favored team and +135 for the underdog. In such a case, a bet on a -155 favorite will take $1.55 just to win only $1.00 while a wager on a +135 underdog will result in a $1.00 bet paying out $1.35 profit ($2.35 total payout). The underdog clearly gets the bigger payout, but that’s natural since they aren’t expected to win anyway. Meanwhile, a bet on a favorite, especially a heavy favorite, returns very little cash, which often makes the bet very risky.

You’ll notice that in all baseball money line odds, the favored and underdog odds won’t exactly mirror each other. A -155/+155 line is never seen because in such an instance the bookmaker would not be able to take a cut and get paid. Instead there’s also some divergence between the two odds, but the less the difference, the better your overall payout.