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MLB Lines and Insider Against the Spread Odds

The MLB lines are essentially the betting odds for a game of baseball. The most common forms of betting lines are the runline, the moneyline and also the over under.

MLB Pitcher in actionThe way the money line in major league baseball works is that you have the choice to bet on a team which is favored and one which is the underdog, just like in spread betting. However, a moneyline bet on the winner will also win the bettor money, whereas the same isn’t necessarily true in spread betting. Of course, while a bet on the winning team will always be a winning bet, the amount won depends on the actual lines.

For instance, say the 1998 Yankees are facing off against the last place Cubs, and the Yankees are a -195 favorite, whereas the Cubs are a +175 underdog. In this case, a winning $1.95 bet on the Yankees would only yield $1. A winning bet on the Cubs meanwhile, will grant the better $1.75 per each dollar wagered. This system often discourages people from betting on heavy favorites, since the payoff is so minor.

While baseball doesn’t have a point spread per se, it does offer a runline which is fairly similar. With a runline, the favored team must win by at least two runs. This means that simply winning won’t be enough for the bet to pay dividends, if the favored team only wins by one single run. These MLB lines are typically displayed in a format like +1.5 -202, where the underdog team must win by 2 runs and, if they do, a $2.02 bet will still pay only $1. This type of wagering is gaining in popularity and something we utilize at the Oddsfather to help build your bankroll.