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MLB Injuries and How They Affect the Spread and Odds

Although baseball might not seem as physical as sports like football, MLB injuries are just as common as in other sports if not more so. Not only do players, particularly pitchers, risk injury to their arm and upper body when they throw the ball, but hitters can also suffer damage if they get hit by a pitch. It’s not uncommon for players to suffer broken bones in a variety of places after getting beaned by the pitcher.

Aside from getting hit by a pitch, MLB injuries also frequently occur when players try to field the ball. In doing so, they open themselves up to a multitude of risks, including sprained ankles, damaged wrists, torn ligaments and even accidentally colliding with their teammate when both go after the ball. There have been numerous incidents of outfielders running into teammates, and even getting knocked out after crashing together. Catchers, too, have it rough when defending the plate. Giant’s catcher Buster Posey’s incident in 2011 is a key example of how a home plate collision can result in a serious season ending MLB injury. Alex Cobb’s gruesome injury, seen in the video below, is another example of how serious injuries can still occur in baseball.

For professional gamblers, like the team behind the Oddsfather, it’s vital to keep track of all of these baseball injuries. Knowing who’s still not 100%, or nursing an injury, or sitting out a game, can be the difference between picking a winner or loser. These are the type of difference makers that we don’t ever ignore and that we faithfully report on to our clients.