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Jeff Allen Sports: Reliable Football Selections

Jeff Allen Bio PhotoThere are many names in the Las Vegas sports bookmaking industry, but there’s one name, besides the Oddsfather, that towers above the rest. We are of course talking about Jeff Allen Sports, the illustrious handicapper, a man who has twice won the Handicapping World Championship in Las Vegas and who also plays a significant role in the Oddsfather as well.

From their humble beginnings during the NCAA basketball season of 1987, to becoming one of Vegas’ largest sports betting oddsmakers and handicappers with over 100 employees (you can apply to work for them), Jeff Allen Sports (JAS) has grown into one of the most reliable names in the business. The ability of Jeff Allen and his team to pick winners from their so-called war room, a place covered in TVs where all the games are always on (you can see it in the YouTube video below), has earned them continued betting success and the trust of clients across America. Many sports bettors make promises, but few of them deliver in the way that Jeff Allen Sports does on a daily basis.

Like the Oddsfather, their expertise extends to all major sports, but JAS specialize in pro and college football in particular. If you plan to make any against the spread NFL bets over the course of the season, then you’ll definitely want to consult with JAS, in addition of course to yours truly at the Oddsfather. Not only does the experienced team at Jeff Allen Sports do their research and then some, such as checking out lifetime football stats for players, coaches, as well as injury reports and even weather conditions, but they also have a knack for predicting the unpredictable. We thoroughly recommend their services, especially as they pertain to football, including both college and NFL.