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Free Sports Scores, Expert Picks and Odds Giveaways with no Obligation

At the Oddsfather, we work very hard to provide you with the best odds and lines – we pride ourselves on picking winners for our devoted clients. Of course, that’s not to say that we lack generosity. In fact, Oddsfather and our affiliates regularly give away free sports scores and odds to the general public. And when we say free, we mean it, since we frequently offer our expert picks without preconditions or obligation.

So just where can I find these incredible free winning picks you might ask? Well, one of the best places to look would be at our affiliate Vegas Scores and Odds, where premier figures in the handicapper industry offer up their insider wisdom without asking for as much as a dollar. Failing that, some of our pro handicappers also offer out free picks from their blog, Twitter account or personal websites. Renowned sports better Jeff Allen, for instance, regularly gives out winning picks on his YouTube channel like in the video below and on his personal website.

Now, while the Oddsfather does routinely offer up free sports scores and odds with no obligation, we can’t do so all the time or else we’d be out of a job! For the best and most consistent picks, as well as the best against the spread betting opportunities, you’ll need to get in touch with us. Certain information simply cannot be given away for free and that includes the vast majority of our picks, whether we’re talking about NFL odds, against the spread NCAAF betting, or basketball injury reports; we go to great lengths to acquire our insider odds info and can only divulge said information for a price. Of course, if you use our odds, scores and picks to bet big and bet correctly, then money will be no object!