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Football Trends and ATS Sports Picks

Football up closeAll sports have ways in which they’ve progressed through-out the years and football trends are certainly no different. Sometimes changes in play are brought about by rule changes, like stricter penalties for hitting receivers, which have made the game of football much more offensively oriented. Other trends come about thanks to new strategies that see success, such as the West Coast offense which revolutionized the way the game was played. For a pro bettor, and the crew here at Oddsfather, getting a handle on such football playing trends are vital in coming up with accurate odds, spreads and picks.

There’s no doubt that football has taken a step in a more high scoring direction over the past decade. Much of this football trend can be attributed to rule changes which better protect and shield offensive players, well making it more difficult on the defense. Naturally, such rules lead to games where the offense is more dominant and the final point total is higher. With the publicity generated by concussions and lawsuits brought by players against the NFL, it looks like the offensive oriented trend is only set to continue. The league has investigated ways to make the game safer, most of which have given the offense an advantage at the cost of the defense. Whereas only a few days ago hard hits against receivers were cheered on by the fans, coaches and the league alike, those same type of hits are earning penalty flags.

Besides concussions, some have argued that fantasy football is also the responsibility of the NFL’s decision to transform the game with rules that are favorable to the offense. Not just a side hobby, fantasy football is big business for the industry, and the more touch downs – the better for fantasy players.

While the game becoming less physical and more offensive oriented is one of the most obvious football trends that has a clear effect on the sports betting world, there are plenty of others that are still important. The rise of quarterbacks like RG3, Russell Wilson or Kaepernick, who are capable of both running the ball and throwing in the pocket, for instance, has also influenced the game tremendously over the past year. As professional handicappers, the people behind Oddsfather are always on top of analyzing any trend if it can impact the final NFL score and lead to a more accurate against the spread football bet.