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Football Scores

Knowing the probable football scores before the game has even been played is what makes us at the Oddsfather so special. The combination of experience, inside know-how, and an insight into sports statistics that others lack, allows us to come up with winning football picks time and again. We’re particularly experienced when it comes to betting against the spread, we know when Vegas gets the point spread wrong and we fully capitalize on our knowledge, to the benefit of our clients.

The scores in football can be less predictable than in other sports. Indeed, whereas a goal only counts as one single point in ice hockey or soccer, in football a touch down is 7 (with the extra point) and only 6 without. A field goal is 3 points, a safety two, and so on. These intricacies are very significant when devising a point spread that is sure to yield positive results. For instance, if two teams are very field goal prone and evenly matched, then you might see a -2.5 field goal spread, rather than the common full -6.5 touch down spread. By contrast, for teams without a strong field goal kicker, a full touch down spread is more common. Likewise, strong defensive teams could even see a spread of only 2 points.

Ultimately, there are many moving parts that go into successfully predicting the final football score and with it winning money by betting. At the Oddsfather, we let nothing go unnoticed and that’s why our score predictions exceed our competition, day in, day out.