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Pro and College Football Odds from the Betting Masters at Oddsfather

A lot of research, expertise, mathematics and statistics goes into devising the football odds you see every week during the NFL season. Though some sports bettors claim to come up with football lines based on gut feelings or hunches, consistent winners like us at Oddsfather know that you need more than hunches when creating expert and winning football picks – you need an in-depth analysis of the players and teams, which is exactly what we do for every single line on every NFL game.

Odds in football are most commonly separate into three different types, namely the point spread, the over/under and lastly the money line. The point spread is probably among the most common, largely because against the spread betting offers some of the best winning opportunities in football. The way it works is that the final score of a game is handicapped with a spread. For instance, if the Seahawks are 20 point favorites over the hopeless Jacksonville Jaguars, then Seattle would have to score at least 20 more points than Jacksonville in order to beat the spread. Often beating the spread can be difficult, especially since NFL teams are only concerned with winning, not point spreads, and will forgo the opportunity to score additional points even when they have the chance. But then again, football odds and spreads aren’t conjured out of thin air either.

Vegas goes to great lengths when setting their lines and it takes a knowledgeable insider, like the experienced Oddsfather crew, to make expert NFL picks and to know when to bet against the spread and when to refrain. Case in point, even though Seattle had a monumental spread of 20 points in most football odds against Jacksonville on September 22nd 2013, they still beat that spread with a final score of 17-45. The 20 point spread given to Seattle was actually one of the greatest in betting history and yet they still beat it. Common sense might have said that such an occasion would be an excellent time for ATS bets, but it turns out it wasn’t. In such times, the experience of the Oddsfather comes in handy and ultimately is the deciding difference between a winning and losing bet.