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Latest Football Lines and Insider Odds

Bills players practicing on football fieldWhere can you get the best football lines in Vegas? At the Oddsfather of course! Your number one source for trusted, winning NFL football lines, picks and odds. It’s often said betting lines are more or less the same across Las Vegas, but even differences as small an extra point on a spread can make a huge difference to the experienced gambler. Moreover, it’s well known that some bookmakers take a bigger chunk of the action than others. At the Oddsfather, while we naturally want to turn a profit too, we strive to not only deliver the best possible odds, but do so while taking the lowest cut possible.

As any experienced sports bettor knows, you average football line is split into three types, the point spread, the money line and of course the over/under. Each wager type offers its own unique advantages, as well as pitfalls. The NFL money line, for example, can be sure a winner (especially during particularly mismatched contests), but it naturally pays out much less. However, for the conservative gambler, or those shy of point spreads, money lines represent a relatively safe and secure option.

The point spreads are often where the big bucks are when we’re discussing football lines, especially if you’re an against the spread betting expert, like the crew at Oddsfather. With a point spread, Vegas must come up with a handicap to theoretically give each side of a bet close to a 50-50 chance of winning. Of course, with all the factors that come into play on any given Sunday, reliably coming up with a spread that gives an even chance for both results is not easy to say the least.

Vegas frequently gets it wrong with their NFL lines and when they do that means the opportunity is perfect for ATS bettors to capitalize. With that said, knowing when to take advantage of an ATS opportunity and when not too, is the difficulty that every gambler faces. With the Oddsfather on your side though, such difficulties all but disappear, since we’ll do the research for you to find the best chances for exploiting the latest NFL football lines in Vegas. We look at everything from the weather conditions, to the injury report, to the quarterback’s fourth quarter performance while trailing in a game, before devising our odds and picks. If you not only want the latest and best Vegas football lines, but want to know when and where to place your bets, then the Oddsfather handicappers are your gambling salvation.