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Football Injuries

Rough football hits like these produce injuriesEver wonder why they only play 16 games during the regular season in football, compared to over 80 games in basketball or 160 in baseball? The physicality of the uncompromising game takes a heavy toll on the players’ bodies. Those bone-crushing hits that make the gridiron action so popular, are also responsible for the countless football injuries, whether to the head, shoulder, leg or somewhere else, that NFL players must battle through every season. While every sport must deal with injuries, they are arguably a more frequent occurrence given the nature of the NFL’s full contact play. In fact, many football players struggle to play a full season due to suffering injuries while on the field.

The commonplace nature of injuries in the NFL means that there is hardly a game played where the outcome is not determined, at least in part, by the injuries sustained by the players on and off the field. This is the main reason why the Oddsfather is more than up to date on any football injuries or afflictions affecting all NFL players, not just the superstars. If a position player is affected by a nagging injury for instance, then that might be the difference that gives one team an advantage. And in the world of NFL lines and sports betting, one small advantage is all it can take to select an unlikely, yet highly profitable winner.