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Football Against the Spread

Football against the spread betting is one of the best methods for placing bets on NFL games and walking away with money in your pocket. Of course, it’s not enough to simply bet against the spread every time. After all, Vegas is right at least some of the time. However, if you know when and where, then ATS wagers can yield serious cash.
Buffallo Bills huddled up
For those who aren’t aware, the act of betting against the spread, also known as ATS betting, involves placing a wager on the underdog team to beat the spread. As an example, let’s look at the New England vs. Buffalo NFL game on 9/8/13. The spread for that game was New England as a -9.5 favorite, which meant that New England would have to win the game by 10 points, in order to beat the spread. A bet on Buffalo, meanwhile, would be against the spread and it’s particularly advantageous because it means that Buffalo could still lose the game, but pay off an ATS bet at the same time. Case in point, this is exactly what happened that day on 9/8/13 as Buffalo went on to predictably lose, but by a smaller margin than Vegas predicted with a final score of 23-21.

The New England and Buffalo game is a perfect example of why football against the spread betting is a favorite of gamblers everywhere. It boils down to this: while bookmakers and sports bettors want the NFL team to beat the spread, the team itself only cares about winning – they have no incentive, beyond ensuring that the other team doesn’t catch up to them, to run up the score. This often translates to cautious play, especially in football, where running down the clock and punting are common strategies. A word of caution: although ATS betting frequently yields excellent results, it doesn’t always, unless of course you have the Oddsfather at your side picking guaranteed winners that is!