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College Football Stats and Reports to Keep You Well Informed

Statistics might seem more important in professional leagues like the NFL, but college football stats are no less important for handicappers when it comes to devising winning picks and guaranteed odds. While some professional sports bettors base their wagers off their gut instincts or ethereal hunches, at the Oddsfather, we use cold hard numbers, together with a healthy dose of insider info, to come up with our winning odds.

Understanding and correctly analyzing college football stats is vital to accurately predicting future game results and consequently making winning bets. Against the spread betting is among the most popular types of gambling in football and it can be leveraged very well by a bettor that knows their statistics in and out. Imagine that two teams are playing in an important bowl game. One team might be favored by the spread, but if you knew that that team had lost against the spread in five out of seven of their last bowl games, you would be probably be tempted to put your money elsewhere.

There’s a saying that people lie, but numbers don’t – which is especially true in the case of statistics. NCAA football stats are free from any bias or prejudice that might otherwise cloud one’s judgment and prevent them from placing a winning bet. Although you can’t completely predict the future without a time machine, with stats and the Oddsfather at your side, you’ll get pretty close.