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College Football Scores

At Oddsfather, not only do we report on the latest college football scores, but we predict them as well. To a casual fan of the game, the eventual score is only important for determining which team wins and which team loses. For the pro handicapper or sports gambler, on the other hand, NCAA scores mean so much more. For example, if a sports bettor is placing an over/under bet, then they won’t even care which team wins or loses. The only important thing to them is how many points are scored overall.

Of course, betting on the over under total points is tricky to say the least, given how much college football scores might fluctuate. It can also be heavily impacted by factors, even more so than other types of betting like the money line. Imagine if two NCAA teams played in a rain storm, then it’s logical to assume that the defense would have an upper-hand, considering how difficult it will be to hold onto the ball and it would be harder to pass the ball. If the defense has an advantage, then naturally we’ll see lower final college football scores.

A lot goes into what the eventual outcome of a game will be and to us at Oddsfather every single point, even in a high scoring game like football, is vital. You can trust us for the best odds and scoring predictions.