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College Football Odds

If you plan on betting on NCAA football, then you will need to consult the latest and most up to date college football odds. To a sports betting novice, the odds might appear confusing at first, but they are really quite straightforward when explained. The most popular football wagering odds types consist of a point spread, something called the money line and lastly the over under or what’s commonly referred to as betting against the total. You might think that sports-betting involves merely picking a winner or a loser, but thanks to the spread, or over under, it’s a bit more complicated.

With a spread, and specifically a point spread, the bookmakers create an artificial point difference. The favored team must then not just win, but score more points than the spread, in order for a bet on them to payoff. Of course, determining the best and most optimal spread is a difficult science to say the least. However, it is something that the Oddsfather is more than proficient at and one of the reasons why we are the best destination for college football odds in Las Vegas.

Other odds types include the total wager over under, which is unique since you’re not strictly betting on a winner or loser. Instead, you’re betting on correctly guessing the overall points scored by both teams. If the over under is 30 points, for example, and you bet on the over, then if the teams both score 31 points together you win, but if they score less you lose (if the exact amount if the over under is reached, then it’s a push and you will get your money back). This type of betting can be risky, since it isn’t always obvious when a game will be high scoring or not, particularly in NCAA gameplay, but leave it up to the Oddsfather, and our premier college football odds, to guide you in the right direction.