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College Football Lines

College teams lined upWagering on NCAA football is organized in much the same way as in the NFL. You have your college football lines or moneylines, your spread betting and of course the over under, also known as betting against the total. Spread betting is among the most popular, because oddsmakers insert a handicap that makes any sports content relatively even. This means that even if you bet on a game that will be a total lopsided smackdown, like Alabama versus an unranked school, you can still win money even if the underdog loses, as long as they beat the spread.

The college football money lines scores and odds, on the other hand, are more traditional than the spread with a clear payout if you bet on the winner. However, depending on how much the winner is favored, you won’t necessarily win that much. For example, when OSU played Purdue it was one of the most lopsided bowls of the season, with equally mismatched odds. The money lines opened at +720 for Purdue which means that mere $100 bet on them to win would yield $720 in profit. If betting on Ohio -925 though, you would have to bet $925 on them to win to only come away with $100, obviously that’s not a very good bet any way you look at it.

That’s why spread betting is often the more popular option, especially for such one-sided contests. In addition to the larger payouts in point spread betting, ATS betting has additional advantages. Indeed, while the sports bettor has an incentive for a team to win by a certain point spread, the team itself only cares about winning. They might choose not to run up the score when they could, which would adversely affect the spread and is one of the key reasons why against the spread wagering is so incredibly popular among gamblers in the know.

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