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College Football Injuries

College football injuries are just as common and debilitating as injuries suffered in the NFL. While the pace of NCAA football is probably slower than in the pros, the game remains tremendously physical, and with such physicality injuries, some more serious than others, naturally follow. Given the full contact nature of football, the most common college football injuries span the breadth of everything from head injuries, such as concussions, to knee injuries, like tearing your ACL, to just ankle sprains or jamming one’s fingers on the ball. While head injuries are arguably the worst thing a player can sustain over the long term, any number of ailments, whether they affect a players’ legs, knee or shoulder, can seriously hamper their performance on the field.

At Oddsfather, we always keep tabs on which prominent NCAA players suffer any serious college football injuries and anticipate what kind of issue such afflictions might have on the outcome of the game. To an experienced handicapper, such as the world champion head of Jeff Allen Sports, Jeff Allen, knowing the exact injury that a player has is critical to helping forecast the outcome of a game. Our NCAAF injury report looks at every angle of the ailment suffered by a player, including how long it will take them to recover, whether they’ll recover fully and if the injury has a significant chance of recurring. After all, sometimes the player might only be sidelined for a few games, but other times, they’ll have their career ended before ever having the opportunity to make it to the pros. Other players can bounce back in a big way. RG3, for instance, suffered a serious knee injuries in college, only to have a breakout rookie season in the NFL and succumb to another crippling knee injury at the end of the season. Doing the research to discover how each player will handle or bounce back from an injury and how this will affect their team is what we do here at the Oddsfather – since we come up with our own in-depth college football injury reports.