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College Football ATS, AKA Against the Spread, Picks and Rankings

NCAA football continues to gain fans and popularity across the nation, particularly among sports bettors eager to place a winning college football ATS wager. Thankfully, with the Oddsfather at your side, you’ll know when to place an against the spread bet and when not to. As the college football season gets ready to kick into gear, fans are looking forward to watching their favorite team, attending games and maybe even entering some fantasy leagues. Pro handicappers associated with the Oddsfather, however, are busy crunching numbers to come up with winning bets that will put their clients over the top.

For those not familiar with point spread betting in the game of football, it essentially works like a handicap. For instance, take the 2013 Rose Bowl where Stanford was facing off against Wisconsin. Stanford was a -6.5 underdog, which meant that the Badgers would have to win by a full touchdown, including the extra point, in order for a bet on them to pay off. A college football ATS bet on Stanford, however, would pay off even if the team lost, as long as they didn’t lose by any more than 6 points. As it turned out, the Stanford Cardinal ended up winning by a wide margin with a final score of 20 to 14, naturally beating the spread.

Last year’s Rose Bowl demonstrates the many advantages of betting against the spread, especially in college football where final scores can be difficult to predict. For starters a college football ATS spread may pay off even if the underdog team loses. This grants a somewhat inherent advantage to the bettor, especially if that bettor is privy to insider information that suggests a Vegas ranked underdog team isn’t really an underdog in real life. Determining spreads is something of an imperfect science, and Vegas is frequently wrong in coming up with their estimated final tallies, giving the opportunistic gambler an opportunity to add to their bankroll. With the Oddsfather’s unique expertise, we often know when Las Vegas bookmakers get it wrong and we naturally take full advantage of such knowledge – .