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Best Bets and Sports Odds

It might seem simple to place the best bets in sports; after all, you just have to bet on the winning team right? And most of the time it’s fairly clear who will win in advance? Of course, the reality of sports betting is much more complicated and difficult than that. For instance, even if you bet on the winning team, you might not beat the point spread. Furthermore, upsets, with the underdog defeating the favored team, happen all the time. This is why coming up with the best bets and odds isn’t just based on amateur guesswork. No, it’s a science that requires the experience, savvy, insider knowledge and expertise that the Oddsfather brings to the table.

The best bets in sports, ranging from college football to the NBA, are often those that few see coming or anticipate beforehand. Thanks to the extensive research undertaken by our pro handicappers at Oddfather, we’re able to spot those long-shots before the competition, regardless of whether we’re talking about the latest college football lines, NBA odds or baseball match ups. We’ll know if a star player is nursing an injury, if another performs poorly on the road, or is stuck in the midst of a performance slump. Ultimately, every little piece of information matters in coming up with the best odds and wagers; luckily, at the Oddsfather we know which information to absorb and which to cast aside when it comes to picking winners you can rely on.

If you’ve been dealing with ATS betting odds for awhile, but failed to consistently pick winners, you can rely on the Oddsfather to point out to you the best against the spread opportunities. Our staff of professional handicappers includes such illustrious figures as Jeff Allen, who’s a 2-time World Champion Handicapper. Furthermore, at Oddsfather our betting expertise and knowledge isn’t limited to just one sport – no, we cover just about all of them. From picking out the best bets in NCAAF college football, to the winning picks in MLB playoff baseball, Oddsfather gets it right more than the rest of the competition in Las Vegas. There’s a reason why our clients keep coming back to us for winners after every season. Get in touch with us now and sign up to find out what the reason is!