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Basketball Injuries

Basketball player throwing up shotsIn addition to being the world’s second most popular sport, behind soccer, basketball is also a tremendously taxing athletic activity. Players, who are required to run up and down the court, as well as quickly change directions on a wooden surface, are highly susceptible to basketball injuries. The legs obviously receive a significant work out during a basketball game, but so too does a player’s core and arms, especially during activities like driving through traffic to the net.

Given the quick transitions, on a hard surface that’s tougher on the joints than grass, it’s unsurprising that most basketball injuries are related to the leg, knee and ankle area. Ankle sprains are common, as are other conditions such as the so-called jumper’s knee. Professional NBA players, who compete at the highest level with the best, are frequently the victims of various injuries. Naturally such ailments affect their performance, and that of their team. For instance, the loss of Derrick Rose for the Chicago Bulls, to a debilitating knee injury, all but drowned his team’s chances of playoff success. Fortunately, at Oddsfather we keep tabs on the latest injuries affecting pro NBA players and use this knowledge to come up with winners before the competition.