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Baseball Odds, Lines and Odds

Baseball odds are a forte of ours. With each team playing 162 games during the regular season, then the playoffs on top of that – there are plenty of opportunities for us to put the expertise to work. When deciding ahead of the odds, we do not simply follow the prevailing over/under or money lines in Vegas; we do the research and come up with highly researched predictions. Sometimes baseball odds even go against the tide of what most experts are picking – more often than not, strong handicappers associated with the Oddsfather finish the season with a larger bankroll than what they started with.

If a pitcher is nursing an injury, or a team has a poor road record, or even if the weather conditions favor one team over another, we’ll know about it in advance and include these factors into our handicapping selections. If you are an experienced sports bettor who has been gambling on America’s great pastime for years, or a novice looking to place a few wagers here and there, we have the insider baseball odds and MLB lines to help you pick the winners.