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Baseball Lines

If you want to bet on America’s favorite pastime, then you’ll need to know what baseball lines, especially the money line, are all about.

The first thing baseball bettors need to do is know how the money line works. Baseball lines are different from spread betting, in that you’ll always win if the team you beat on wins. The money line is simply the odds offered if you pick a team to win the game. So, for example if the Money Line was: Philadelphia Phillies -164; Los Angeles Dodgers +154 you’d have to bet $164 dollars to win $100 profit on the Phillies (getting a $264 total payout), or you could bet $100 to pay you $154 profit ($254 total payout) on the Dodgers. In order to win the bet, your team must win the game.

Baseball Catcher at Homeplate

Smart bettors, professional gamblers and those in the know will rarely give odds greater than -140 when betting on baseball and almost always look for a reason to bet the underdog. Thanks to baseball lines, even if you bet on nothing but non-favored teams, you can win less than half of your bets and still come out ahead in the long run. With that said, knowing which games to target will drastically increase the potential for profit.

The run line is essentially a combination of the point spread and the money line rolled into one. Don’t worry, once you see it in action, it’s not nearly as complicated as it first sounds. The run line uses a constant spread of 1.5 runs. On truly rare occasions you may see it jump to 2.5 runs.