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Baseball Injuries

Baseball pitcher throwing to homeBaseball injuries happen. Injuries are a part of sports and baseball is certainly no exception. Despite being a relatively ‘contact-free’ sport, you’ll find that baseball players still face a wide array of injuries, some debilitating and serious, with others being of the much more mild variety. Pitchers in particular are susceptible to baseball injuries. Even a small or relatively benign ailment can dramatically alter their performance.

So, why are baseball injuries important to pro sports handicappers and bettors? Why, because they affect the outcome of the game of course! Moreover, this effect can be difficult to predict. Some athletes can still perform well while injured; others won’t be performing at all until the last minute, and others still won’t even reveal that they are hurt. This type of insider information is critical for determining how key players will play, the eventual outcome of the game and of course the latest baseball run lines. Fortunately, at the Oddsfather, we keep tabs on the latest ailments affecting players and also take this information into consideration to devise accurate predictions.