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NHL to Play 48 Game Season

After ratification of the new labor agreement, the NHL season will commence with a 48 game season. The two sides are still waiting on language to be included in a memorandum of understanding to be signed. The NHL league has been telling teams to be ready to play on January 19th, the earliest day the season would start.

The tentative agreement reached by both sides is a 10-year deal that includes a mutual opt-out clause after 8 years, limiting contract terms to 7 years.

The details:

1st year salary-cap is $60 million (with a floor of $44 million) – teams can spend up to $70.2 million during the transition period.

The 2013-14 salary cap will be $64.3 million with a floor of $44 million.

Year-to-year contract salary variance is being capped at 35 percent – with a provision stating that last year can’t vary more than 50% from the highest salaried year.

Revenue sharing will distribute $200 million – with a $60 million NHLPA growth fund included.

The league had tried to move opening of free agency to July 10th, but the players held their ground and it will remain July 1st.

The negotiations had lasted a record 113 days during the lockout. The hero of the negotiations it appears is federal mediator Scot Beckenbaugh, who had assisted in the negotiations several times along the way.

Soures: Associated Press, ESPN, NHL


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