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MLB Season Prop: Pitcher Win Totals

Below are the opening numbers from the Las Vegas Westgate for the MLB season wins prop followed by Jeff Allen’s early impressions. Ten days into the betting the numbers are certain to have moved somewhat but this is a good overview of what you can expect to see from your house or out. There are 30 pitchers listed. The only qualifier for your bet to have action is that the player must play in one MLB regular season game and that the the MLB season must be at least 150 games.

MLB Season Prop: Pitcher Win Totals

5913 Clayton Kershaw  (Dodgers) Wins: 17.5 Over +110 Under -130

5915 Felix Hernandez (Seattle) Wins: 14.5 Over -130 Under +110

5917 Madison Bumgarner (San Francisco) Wins: 14.5 Over -110 Under -110

5919 Adam Wainwright (St Louis) Wins: 14.5 Over +110 Under -110

5921 Chris Sale (WSox) Wins: 14.5 Over +110 Under -130

5923 Max Scherzer (Washington) Wins: 14.5 Over -110 Under -110

5925 David Price (Detroit) Wins: 14.5 Over +110 Under -130

5927 Yu Darvish (Texas) Wins: 13.5 Over -130 Under +110

5929 Stephen Straburg (Washington) Wins: 14.5 Over +110 Under -110

5931 Corey Kluber (Cleveland) Wins: 13.5 Over -110 Under -110

5933 Zack Greinke (Dodgers) Wins: 13.5 Over -110 Under -110

5935 Jon Lester (Cubs) Wins: 13.5 Over -110 Under -110

5937 Hisashi Iwakuma (Seattle) Wins: 12.5 Over -110 Under -110

5939 Jordan Zimmermann (Washington) Wins: 13.5 Over -110 Under -110

5941 Johnny Cueto (Cincinnati) Wins: 12.5 Over -130 Under +110

5943 Sonny Gray )Oakland) Wins: 12.5 Over -110 Under -110

5945 Justin Verlander (Detroit) Wins: 13.5 Over +110 Under -130

5947 Jered Weaver (Angels) Wins 12.5 Over -110 Under -110

5949 Cole Hamels (Philadelphia) Wins 11.5 Over +110 Under -130

5951 Tyson Ross (San Diego) Wins 10.5 Over -110 Under -110

5953 Gerrit Cole (Pittsburgh) Wins 11.5 Over -130 Under +110

5955 Jake Arrieta (Cubs) Wins: 11.5 Over -110 Under -110

5957 Andrew Cashner (San Diego) Wins: 10.5 Over  -110 Under -110

5959 Yordano Ventura (Kansas City) Wins 10.5 Over -110 Under -110

5961 Phil Hughes (Minnesota) Wins: 11.5 Over -110 Under -110

5963 Lance Lynn (St Louis) Wins: 13.5 Over -110 Under -110

5965 Jeff Samardzija (WSox) Wins 11.5 Over -110 Under -110

5967 Chris Tillman (Baltimore) Wins: 11.5 Over -110 Under -110

5969 Dallas Keuchel (Houston) Wins: 11.5 Over -110 Under -110

5971 Jacob deGrom (Mets) Wins: 10.5 Over -110 Under -110

These are same basic first impressions on this prop from World Champion handicapper Jeff Allen. Jeff and his staff are currently doing their work for the upcoming MLB season and you can continue to follow Jeff here when he releases his actual plays a week or so before the MLB season starts.

5923 Play Max Scherzer Under 14.5 wins: The Nats new $210 million dollar man was a questionable signing in our eyes. Despite a career 91-50 record, he’s basically getting paid on two years of production where he was able to throw just one complete game.The Nats are loaded with starters and there has even been talk of an extended six man rotation. Scherzer is strikeout a power pitcher that throws a lot of pitches and is notorious for going just five innings and change. Big pitch counts translate to early hooks, especially in the National League. That will cost the former Tiger wins and have us looking at the Under.

5949 Play Cole Hamels Over 11.5 wins: There is no doubt whatsover that this guy still can and wants to pitch. He’s with the worst team in baseball in the Phillies, a team whose over/under win total for 2015 is just 68.5 so it’s easy to see why Hamels number is so low. Hamels makes a lot of money but he’s left-handed, durable and just 31 though it seems like he’s been around forever. Hamels WILL BE DEALT at some point in the year and with a contender or a lineup that can give him some type of run support, Hamels
will get his share of wins and easily fly over this total.

5965 Play Jeff Samardizija Over 11.5 wins: This ex-Notre Dame All American flanker has great stuff. Now 30 and entering his eighth year, Samardizija has been stuck on some really bad Cub teams where he pitched well while not getting any run support. Last year in his final season with the Blue Bears, he was 2-7 with a 2.83 ERA before being sent to Oakland where he again pitched well (3.14 ERA, 16 starts) with a lineup that was basically stripped of most of its offense before he got there. Samardizija was dealt to the WSox in December and signed a one-year deal for $9.8 million and will pair with Chris Sale as one of the best righty/lefty 1-2 punches in baseball. The WSox lineup is loaded and Samardizija will get runs in what figure to be his breakout season.

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