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Jeff Allen Baseball Win Totals and First Impressions

Pitchers and catchers have reported, spring training has started in earnest and the Westgate Las Vegas
(formerly Las Vegas Hilton Superbook) has released it’s 2015 MLB season win totals. Baseball is right
around the corner.

Below are the opening lines as they were released by the Westgate on February 15th followed by the early first impressions by World Champion handicapper Jeff Allen.  These are not official recommendations but observations. Jeff will release early impressions on some player props in his next report and will come with some official releases closer to opening day when all his prep work has been completed.

Once again, the numbers below are the opening numbers. Even with small limits, there has reportedly been brisk betting on the openers and the numbers and most assuredly the moneylines will be slightly or markedly different than what you see here.
The number at left is the Westgate betting number. The Over and Unders of all win totals all started at -110

5801 Arizona Diamondbacks     72 wins

5803 Atlanta Braves     73.5 wins

5803 Baltimore Orioles 81.5 wins

5807 Boston Red Sox     86 wins

5807 Chicago Cubs     82.5 wins

5811 Chicago White Sox     81.5 wins

5813 Cincinnati Reds    78 wins

5815 Cleveland Indians 84.5 wins

5817 Colorado Rockies     71.5 wins

5819 Detroit Tigers    84.5 wins

5821 Miami Marlins    81.5 wins

5823 Houston Astros     75.5

5825 Kansas City Royals    79.5 wins

5827 Los Angeles Angels    89.5 wins

5829 Los Angeles Dodgers     92.5 wins

5831 Milwaukee Brewers     78.5 wins

5833 Minnesota Twins     71.5 wins

5835 New York Mets      81.5 wins

5837 New York Yankees    81.5 wins

5839 Oakland A’s     80.5 wins

5841 Philadelphia Phillies     68.5 wins

5843 Pittsburgh Pirates      83.5 wins

5845 San Diego Padres      85.5 wins

5847 San Francisco Giants     84.5 wins

5849 Seattle Mariners     87.5 wins

5851 St Louis Cardinals     88.5 wins

5853 Tampa Bay Rays     79.5 wins

5855 Texas Rangers     78.5 wins

5857 Toronto Blue Jays     82.5 wins

5859 Washington Nationals     93.5 wins

Allen’s Impressions:

5839 Oakland A’s     80.5 wins (Under): Moneyball gets a tremendous amount of respect and deservedly so but Billy Beane and Co.have a monumental job ahead of them after turning over 40% of their 40-man roster and dumping six All-Stars. The Angels and Seattle are two of the best five teams in baseball, Texas can’t help but be better after their injury plagued 2014, and even the lowly Astros don’t figure to be a doormat  after taking their lumps with the kids the past couple of years. Anything close to .500 for the A’s would be a successful season.

5845 San Diego Padres  85.5 wins (Under): Give credit to the Padres for spending some money in trying to improve but this win total is much too ambitious. The Padres will have very good to excellent pitching as usual but the infield as it is currently comprised is a defensive train wreck with punch and judy offense. The big acquisitions, all in the outfield, have lots of potential but Matt Kemp’s health is always a question marks and it remains to be seen how his and B.J. Upton’s power will translate in pitcher friendly Petco Park.

5853 Tampa Bay Rays     79.5 wins (Under): The Rays have done remarkably well the last five years thanks to smoke and mirrors of the managerial prowess of mad hatter Joel Maddon. Their 446 wins over the last five years are even more remarkable in that the team’s payroll has never exceeded $63 million dollars and that they play in the same division with the big payroll Yankess, BoSox, Orioles and Jays. Tampa will have some pitching with Matt Moore, Chris Archer, Alex Cobb and Drew Smyly who came over from the Tigers in the David price deal. On offense, it’s Evan Langoria, James Loney and six guys out of the witness protection program. This team looks a lot more like a 70 win team than the 80 win team being asked for here.

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