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The highly anticipated 2016 NFL draft is about 72 hours away. All the sticking, prodding, measuring and testing is done and now it is up to 32 war rooms to make sense of it all and formulate a draft that will help their individual clubs. Draft for need or best available … each team has it’s own philosophy but one thing is for certain, you pretty much need a “franchise” type quarterback to win on any type of consistent basis. With the recent trades involving the Rams and Eagles, there figures to be a run on quarterbacks with as many as five being projected to be taken in some/most mock drafts.

In our eyes, this year’s crop of quarterbacks is deep but unspectacular. While the Rams unquestionably need a quarterback  and top make a big splash heading for their new digs in Los Angeles, some other moves that likely includes the Philly trade with the Browns, was as much a preemptive strike against the Cowboys as it was in addressing their own need. Their are more deals involving moves that would involve taking quarterback rumored to be in the works which has several QBs in this year’s  crop laughing all the way to the bank. Jared Goff and Carson Wentz are thought to be locks at 1-2 with Paxton Lynch (Jets), Connor Cook (Arizona) and Christian Hackenberg (Denver) also not expected to get out of the first round.

Assuming the “Big FIve” are all taken in the first round, these are the next three that Jeff Allen feels are worth a look and could play on Sunday.

1- Dak Prescott (6’2″, 226 Mississippi State) – This is a big strong kid that can do it all. He has an NFL body, a cannon for an arm and can run but doesn’t have happy feet. He’s a three year starter and was the linchpin and leader of some real overachieving Bulldog teams. He’s reportedly mature with an unfailing work ethic and well thought of by everyone in the Mississippi State program. An off season DUI has hurt his stock somewhat but from all indications this has made him all the more hungry and determined. We would much prefer this kid over Cook, Hackenberg and Lynch.

2- Brandon Allen (6’2″, 212 Arkansas) – Allen has many of the same traits as Prescott, he’s athletic, tough, smart, can make all the throws and is very strong and elusive in the pocket. He’s competitive and durable having started the final 34 games of college career. This is an important point in that the strikes against him are primarily lack of size issues that have teams questioning whether or not he can withstand the punishment of the NFL game. This kid is feisty, played in big games and has been exposed to the pro game the last two years under Bret Bielema. Like him.

3- Vernon Adams Jr. (5’11”, 200 Oregon) – This guy is the wildcard of the draft and as good a project as you’ll find if he’s given a chance. A dual threat, Adams (despite his size) has demonstrated some of the best accuracy and touch of any quarterback in this draft. Especially on the move! His size and durability are certainly concerns and he does at times wind up to throw the long ball. He’s a Drew Brees type that can run. This kid would be good somewhere with an established durable quarterback where he could learn early on an then transition
himself into the NFL game.

Honorable mentions

Kevin Hogan (6’3″, 217 Stanford) – In college hoops, the old joke used to be the only one who could defend Michael Jordan was Dean  Smith. The same analogy might apply to Kevin Hogan and HC David Shaw who always had him on a choke collar. Big, strong and athletic but his decision making has always been a question. He started 46 games AFTER Andrew Luck and went to Stanford. There’s nothing wrong with this kid’s head.

Cardale Jones (6’5″, 250 Ohio State) – This guy is the moneyline dog you put in your eight-teamer hoping to cash a lottery ticket. Jones exploded on the scene for five games at the end of 2014 culminating in leading the Buckeyes to the National Championship. Cost himself millions coming back for his senior year. Impatient with questionable decision making on and off the field. Threw the ball 70 yards from his knees through the uprights at the Ohio State spring game.

Jake Coker (6’6″, 236 Alabama) – We’ve seen that A.J. McCarron can play at the pro level just in his brief time this year guiding the Bengals. Why couldn’t this guy have the same type of career somewhere. Lots of similarities and Coker just might be the better athlete of the two.

Might be worth a look … Cody Kessler (USC) and Brandon Doughty (Western Kentucky)

Only if Ryan Lindley were not available … Jeff Driskel (Florida and La Tech) huh ???, Jacoby Brissett (NC State) disappointing senior year after big junior year.

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