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Betting Against the Spread

Betting against the spread exists to make wagering fair; even if the sports event is highly uneven. Say you had the best team in the league, playing the worst. The best team will probably win, and the odds are strongly in their favor. So much so, that no one in their right mind would put money on the underdog. Well, clearly this situation didn’t sit too well with bookkeepers, which is why the pro sports bettors created something called the spread, to make it attractive to stay on either side.

With a spread in sports betting, the favored team gets handicapped and must win by so many points before a wager is paid off. The underdog team simultaneously, could lose the game, but still beat the spread, which would put money in the pocket of anyone who bet on them. Those who bet against the spread, meanwhile, would normally have lost.

There are many factors to consider while playing the spread or playing against the spread. Sports handicappers will use a number of methods to make their sports picks against the point spread. These include how the teams have done against one another recently, and many other factors. Did one club blow out the other or were the teams fairly evenly matched? Is there a true home field advantage or does one side do exceptionally well on the road? Will the weather be a factor, limiting offense or defense?

There are two ways of betting sides: the money line and against the spread. To bet against the spread is to create a bet that will be decided by adding points to one side or the other after the game is played.